Sports & personality development
Integrating sports and personality enhancement-into the curriculum insecure the all-round development of   child we have designed a comprehensive program me that covers:
• Cricket
• Basket ball
• Football
• Table tennis
• Volleyball
• Hand ball
• Hockey
• Athletics
• Skating
• Yoga
• Badminton
• Taekwondo
Sports facilities along with academics provide ample opportunity to the student to develop the following personality traits.
• communication
•  leadership
•  confidence building
• growing and etiquettes
• public speaking
• social skills

  • Knowledge resource centre
    Library & Reading Room
    “Reading Mohes a man exact”
  • The emphests in school  is on reading whether they are books which relate to the curriculum or those ehich enhance the thinking and writing skills from an early age. Our library has a wide variety of book on varied  subjects. Books and multimedia resources on verity of subjects helps the students to rediscover the joy of self study and unfurl their mind.
  • The library which attached reading rooms his equipped with carefully selected latest magazines, encyclopedia periodicals, dictionaries and newspaper of repute to keep the children updated with the current affairs.
  •  Language Lab
    Through language laboratory, students can enhance their language skill by improving their pronunciation, accent and way of speaking and help them internalize the study routines and organizational strategies that facilitate the learning process.
  • Computer Laboratory
    We believe the computer is a tool for enhancing communication, information and experiencing self directed learning.
    Therefore, computer science is a compulsory subject in the school and computer labs offer a lot of scope for children to acquire hands on training. The school provides to two separate computer lab equipped with latest computer systems for junior and senior scholars.

Pulse of students
House System
The children are assigned house and within the houses the senior students are expected to accept considerable responsibility. XII competitions in games and co-curricular activities are held on house basis. The house system fosters a sense of competition and team spirit to encourage higher standards of achievement.
School Prefectorial Body
Social responsibility, leadership and teamwork are best  learnt through active participation of students selected after a careful  scrutiny of their school records. Outstanding students are appointed as the perfects of school body and are entrusted with various responsibilities.
Co-Curricular Activities:
Beyond books Anupam Public School emphasizes on excellence, not only in the field of  academics but also on extracurricular activities, the school provides ample opportunities for students  to discover themselves and develop their distinctive abilities through well-organized co-curricular activities.
Educational Tours – Beyond Gates.
Picnics, outings, study trips and educational tours are organized to serve the objectives of actualexperience. We take the students to the places of, historical intrest, to make them aware

Activity Centre
Pre-Primary section is the hub of activities with games and puzzles, this centre helps develop our students cognitive, analytical, communication and motor skills.
Art Room
This room is dedicated to art and related activities. Training is provided in painting, drawing, craft and clay modeling. Art activities are incorporated into the students academics time – table whereby they have an opportunity to learn the basics of there skills by being exposed to them regularly.


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